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Jason Eric Potter

- Born June 11, 1981

- Son, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Nephew, Friend, Golfer


Jason - Mentor -  full of spirit, a smile that would light up the world, responsible, hard working, directioned, disciplined, organized, happy, content, loved life, loved his family- they were his best friends.  He was the type of person that always made a point to stop and visit friends or family.  Never on a schedule....always the pop in.  But you knew you would always see him.  Many people say they still are waiting for him to come through the front door.  When he was talking to you.... he was talking to you as though no one else was around.  He ignored the cell phone, ignored all around, just spoke with you.  He was a problem solver and loved the in depth conversation and loved to help people.  He is forever remembered for his "smile".

   "The greater the love is ... the more painful the loss".  This loss has impacted more than just his family's lives.  He is remembered, every single day.  I do not believe he had any idea how much he was loved.  Never forgotten.

Jason Potter Memorial Fund


A Michigan non-profit corporation established to make charitable use of donations made in memory of Jason Potter.  Projects focus on expanding youth involvement in the sport of golf.

                 What Does the Fund Do?


Grayling Golf Tribute

Little Viking Golf

Jason's Locker

Golf Tournament

Grayling Strong Bracelets

College scholarships

Tax-Exempt Status


Ways to Help !


Individuals can help in a variety of ways: purchasing a brick for the Grayling Golf Tribute project, donating golf equipment, volunteering at the Little Viking Golf clinic, or through financial donations


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